AerofoilAmideon cooperates closely with the world’s largest and most advanced manufacturers of up-to-date test equipment, providing a wide range of turnkey systems, subsystems and components and ensuring optimal solutions to our clients’ aerospace test and measurement needs.

Testing should not be an isolated function, but part of a well integrated process. Thus Amideon has a team of dedicated engineers and suppliers who are able to assist in the provision of customised as well as off-the-shelf aerospace solutions.

“Rapid technological innovation and global competitiveness are key characteristics of the aerospace industry. This means that companies must have solutions that are fast, flexible, inexpensive and compatible with preexisting equipment. At Amideon we aim to provide test and measurement according to these criteria.”

Our Customers

Our expertise, access to technology and solution-based approach enables Amideon to provide products and services suited to a wide spectrum of customers within the aerospace industry. Our clients include high profile aircraft design and development companies as well as international space clients.


Amideon specialises in the area of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) test equipment which has been a concern of the aerospace industry for many decades and has become increasingly salient in recent years due to more complex electrical and electronic systems being incorporated into aircraft. The electromagnetic environment for aerospace equipment is very harsh. Firstly the equipment must have very low spurious radio frequency emissions so that vital radio services, such as VHF communications, radio navigation of GPS can operate without interference. Secondly the equipment must operate correctly when illuminated by high electromagnetic fields from the aircraft’s own radio systems and from nearby radars. Finally the aircraft systems must be able to function correctly after a lightening strike and must withstand the resulting direct and indirect transient effects. In order to avoid EMC problems associated with electrical equipment, Amideon offers a broad range system suitable for the avionic industry.

For further information see our EMC section.