3D Simulation

Amideon have vast experience in integrated 3D simulation systems for the aerospace sector. We work with Antycip Simulation because they are the European leader in the provision of independent modelling and simulation COTS tools, projection systems and related engineering services.

With over 10 years of expertise as a preferred supplier of governments, top universities, research laboratories and private sector companies, Antycip Simulation has accumulated experience in diverse industries including Defence, Aerospace, Security, Transportation, Automotive, Telecommunications and Education.

Antycip Simulation’s core areas of expertise include:

Independent Simulation and Training COTS Tools

Antycip simulation is the European leader in the supply and integration of complete COTS solutions for the simulation, training and virtual reality market.

Its software COTS products porfolio has been created and updated selectively throughout the years to offer a wide range of custom solutions for customer success.

Integrated Immersive Projection Solutions

Antycip Simulation provides custom projection solutions to address multiple simulation requirements, including flight simulation, driving simulation, ship’s bridge and air-traffic control applications.

The portfolio of Antycip Simulation in projection systems provides state-of-the-art products and technologies for immersive and stereoscopic displays, including immersive walls, multi-sided environments, cylindrical and spherical screens. Furthermore, Antycip Simulation provides full solutions with peripheral technologies such as special tracking systems, interaction devices, audio systems and image generators. With a wide range of LCD, LCOS, SXRD™ and DLP™ technologies, Antycip Simulation offers expert system design, integration, and reliable customer service everywhere in Europe.

Engineering Services and Consultancy for System Integrators

Over the past decade, Antycip Simulation has built a strong engineering team to provide tailored professional services to assist customers kick start their programs through in-depth proof-of-concepts and certified personalised training.

Its unique perspective on COTS software and hardware integration gives Antycip Simulation a leading position in the training and simulation market place.

Antycip Simulation works with products from 3DPerception, ART, b.design, Boston Dynamics, Bionatics, Christie, CMLabs, DiSTI, Harris ImageLinks®, JRM Technologies, Kynogon, MÄK Technologies, Mersive, OKTAL, Polysim, projectiondesign, RTDynamics, Scalable Network Technologies, TerraSim, TrianGraphics throughout Europe.