Noise Standard

The AS5660 MM Millimeter Wave Series consists of calibration standards based on the primary fundamental physical constants of thermal noise and blackbody radiation and provides the best available accuracy in the measurement of extremely low noise figures or noise temperatures. The Amideon Design is simple to use and is an ideal solution for noise source calibrations, radiometer test and verification and low noise amplifier tests. The AS5660 eliminates annual single frequency calibrations being primary noise broadband standard by nature.

The Amideon difference

  • The precision waveguide horn with known insertion loss is monitoring a blackbody embedded in a cryogenic, liquid nitrogen bath
  • Our design ensures better accuracy, lower noise temperature and improved repeatability
  • Insertion losses of the horn can be less than that of a conventional waveguide termination
  • Lower insertion loss = lower effective noise temperature
  • Accuracy is improved by 2 to 3 times

How it works

The AS5660 Series is designed with paths directing the boil-off of the liquid nitrogen to purge air, moisture vapour & carbon dioxide out of the microwave cavity. This automatic nitrogen purge eliminates the need for dangerous and costly helium equipment. The noise standards consist of a cavity/reservoir with associated circulating water bath. One water bath can drive up to three cavities/reservoirs if located within 10 feet (3 meters).