COMMS Systems

Amideon has an extensive range of communications products designed for professional users of signal quality monitoring technology and lawful IP interception.

From reception through to demodulation and recording, the Amideon range covers almost all aspects of this highly specialised field.

Antenna Systems

The AS 3310 are a range of flat panel, electrically steer-able phase array antennas with high gain and efficiency together with low noise and innovative space-saving designs. The frequency range covered is from less that 2GHz right up to 31GHz in various band and gain combinations.
The AS 2103 is a conventional horn and dish combination covering 1GHz to 40GHz with options for various gains and polarisations. These can be mounted onto an optional precision portable positioner with remote control sand 3-axis movement.


The main engine in the communications system train is of course a high performance receiver that covers a wide frequency range and has a high signal bandwidth. The AS240 has a frequency range of 500MHz to 20GHz and can be extended to 40 or 50GHz with the AS2888 extender or at the low-end a 10MHz to 1 or 2GHz un-converter model AS2802 can be employed.


The AS2250 is fast becoming the industry standard used by communications professionals; its small size, high performance and reliability in the field have justifiably made it a desirable instrument to have.

Signal Processing

Many communications signals are multiplexed and such that much higher data rates can be send over one RF channel. After demodulation, the demultiplxing task is not simple one since various signal timings and redundant bits have to be re-assemble to enable correct analysis of the signal integrity. The AS2408 is the ideal product for this and it extensive list of features make it suitable for virtually every application.


Where signals have to be later analysed and checked for their quality, some kind of recording device is essential. Commonly IF to tape devices are employed but increasingly magnetic disks are used because of the greater data storage capabilities. The AS2248 is a high speed recorder utilising hard-disk storage media and intelligent signal management and quality recovery techniques.

Lawful IP Monitoring

The Eagle system is a complete turn-key set-up designed for use by telecommunications organisations to monitor their internet traffic. Systems range from small area to covering a whole country.