Electro Static Discharge (ESD)

Below you find short descriptions of EMC PARTNER’s products for ESD tests:

  • a battery supplied generator with its own control (ESD3000) and
  • a generator supplied and controlled by TRA2000 (ESD2000) and TRA3000 (EXT-TRA3000 E).
    This second test circuit is also included in the One Box EMC Test Station.

ESD 3000 System for Contact Discharge (CD) up to 30kV and Air Discharge (AD) up to 30kV

SD3000 : Discharge mode: contact discharge (CD) or air discharge (AD).
Polarity: positive, negative or polarity change after a predefined number of discharges.
Repetition: 50ms up to 99s.
Ramps: voltage.
Number of discharges: preselectable.
Control: Remote control from a PC via RS232 optical link and TEMA software.
Standards: CD up to max. 10kV and up to level 4:
DM1: IEC/EN 61000-4-2 (10/16kV)
DM2: ISO 10605(E) (+/- 10/16kV))
DM4: MIL-883E ( +/- 10/16kV)
DM5: DO-160D (+/- 0/30kV)
DM6: IEC 61340-3-1 (+/- 8/0kV)
DM7: IEC 61340-3-2 (+/- 2.5/0kV)

Customised DM16C :

  • in general:
    • Cap: 100pF up to 1500pF
    • Res: 0 up to 2kOhm
  • manufactured:
    • CAR3: ISO 10605
      • Cap: 330pF
      • Res: 330Ohm
    • CAR4: ISO 10605
      • Cap: 150pF
      • Res: 2kOhm

DM = Discharge Module
(x/y kV) = Voltage range CD and AD

CD up to max. 30kV, level x:
(requires one RM and one DN)
RM32: RM for rise time 0.7 – 1nS
DN1: IEC 61000-4-2, ANSI C63.16, RTCA/DO-160 (30kV)
DN2: ISO TR10605E (30kV)
DN3: ISO TR10605E (30kV)
DN4: MIL-STD-1512 and MIL-STD-331 (30kV)
DN5: MIL-STD-331 (30kV)
DN6: VW TL 824-66 (30kV)
Customised DN32:

  • in general:
    • Cap: 100pF up to 1000pF
    • Res: 0 up to 10kOhm
  • manufactured:
    • CAR1-JASA:
      • Cap: 150pF
      • Res: 500Ohm
      • Cap: 330pF
      • Res: 0Ohm

RM = Relay Module
DN = Discharge Network
(x/y kV) = Voltage range CD and AD

Accessories: For calibration:
Current waveform: ESD-TARGET2, TARGET2-50, TARGET2-500
Charging voltage: ESD-VERI

For remote control:


For special test set-ups: