Induced Voltage

Below you find a short description of EMC PARTNER’s product for induced voltage tests.

For our further range of induced voltage tests please take a look at our equipment for

  • aircraft electronic tests,
  • telecommunication tests
  • military tests and
  • insulation material tests.


Electric power lines and telecommunication lines often occupy parallel routes as a result of the utilisation of joint facilities or the sharing of a common right-of-way. Under abnormal conditions, the power and the telecommunication lines may be come into electrical contact.

The fault induction tester MIG-ITU-K44 generates induced or conducted faults on telecommunication lines.

Waveforms (Range): Voltage versus time: 10AxAs curveFrequency: AC 50 or 60 Hz (50 V up to 1690 V)
Power: 3.5 VA continuous, 7.5 VA for max. 2s

Outputs with overheat protection: 0 Ohm protected by the 16 A fuse
2 x 200 Ohm
2 x 600 Ohm

Control: Time setting: 0.1 up to 9.9s
Voltage measurement: 1 up to 1999 V
Current measurement: 0 up to 19.9 A
Current waveform BNC output (i)
Accuracy 10 V equals 20 A
Coupling: Onto telecommunication lines
Standards: MIG-ITU-K44 complies with ITU-T K.44FCC 68
68.302 Environment simulation
Required Accessories: No additional accessories required