Below you find short descriptions of EMC PARTNER’s products for tests on military equipment.

Several immunity testers from the aircraft and the telecommunication fields can also be used to carry out tests on military equipment. In addition, EMC PARTNER is continuously extending its product range for military applications. In case of specific questions please do not hesitate to contact Amideon directly.


Control: MIG2000-6: Mainframe with control and high voltage supply for plug-ins CS106, CS115 and CS116
CS115REC (current 1.00 up to 15.0A)
CS116-10k..10M (depending on frequency 0.02 A up to 15.0 A)
CS116-30M+100M (depending on frequency 0.4 up to 11 A)
CS106 (Voltage up to 400V)
Standards: MIL-STD-461, CS106, CS115 and CS116
Required Accessories:
CN-MIG-BT (coupler for the frequency range 10 kHz up to 10 MHz
CN-MIG-BT2 (coupler for the frequency range 10 up to 100 MHz)
DC-S17-CL (coupling and decoupling networks for AC up to 400Hz)
VERI-MIL2 (calibration fixture for the whole frequency range)
Accessories: Plug-ins:
DO160 SECTION 17 Voltage Spike
DO160 SECTION 19 Induced Susceptibility
MIL-STD-1275B Imported Spikes
AMD-24C Voltage Spike
with customised frequency (platform resonances)
TEMA: Windows based software for MIG2000 system
Optical link: Serial,optical connection between PC and Generator

MIG1212EMP and DN-MIG12-16

Outstanding features of the MIG1212EMP and the DN-MIG12-16 are:

  • four surge generators in one box
  • the real lightning and NEMP simulation on power lines
  • each generator injects equal current into the L1 to L3 phases and the neutral.
Waveforms (Range): Common mode data of one generator:
voltage: 0.5/250 µs, (1 up to 10kV)
current: 0.5/250 µs, (50 up to 300 A)
Differential mode per generator:
voltage: 0.5/50 µs, (1 up to 10kV)
current: 0.5/50 µs, (50 up to 300 A)
Control: Local or remote control (RS232) via optical link
Coupling: a.c. three phases 16 A / 440 V, neutral and protective earth
Standards: Customer recommendation IEC 61000-4-5 partly
Required Accessories: Decoupling: DN-MIG12-16
Software: TEMA
Calibration loads:
voltage NW-EUT-V
current NW-EUT-A
Optical link