Amideon focuses on high priority areas of micro and millimetre wave wireless development and the products and services offered fall broadly within that spectrum. Our applications are civil security and aerospace.

We offer an ever expanding product range in Civil Security which includes:

  • Microwave Security
    • MicroSense: A truly wireless microwave perimeter fence for critical environments
    • MeshLogic: Unique 3 tier (Train, Station & Forensics) CCTV security solution that relays seamless, consistent video from a moving train and from the station using Mesh technology
    • MicroZone: Microwave security corridor for high secure zones
    • MicroScan: Hand held security scanner for critical environment security personnel
  • Spectrum Management (information available on request only)
    • AS2250 Demodulator
    • ISP Quality of Service Monitoring systems
    • Border Security Systems
    • Data Analysis

Amideon is also active in Niche Aerospace Products including Frequency Selective Surfaces, Noise Standards, Radiometers & EMC systems. For Space we operate a market lead product development strategy ensuring our development resources are concentrated market proven product expansion.