Meshlogic is a Unique 3 tier (Train, Station & Forensics) CCTV security solution that relays seamless, consistent video from a moving train and from the station.It is a Flexible and scalable solution and is a key terrorism and crime deterrent.

  • The System also offers Unique forensic video detection capabilities that will save police time.
  • The system uses standard protocols so can easily be interfaced with other devices, standard windows PCs and more importantly can be upgraded without redundancy
  • This unique system can actually see what is going on in each carriage, on each train, running on each line.
  • Post analysis can identify events in seconds, it is not necessary to trawl through hours of video tape.

Key Technical Issues:

It is extremely difficult to transfer high speed data from moving metro trains in tunnels to static platform monitoring stations.

Signals in tunnels are subject to all sorts of problems including doppler (where the frequency changes with motion) and multi-path where the same signal arrives at the receiver at different times causing fading and data loss.


How it Works:

The doppler effect is caused by radio waves reflected from a moving object have a frequency shift, so they arrive at the receiver a different frequency than they left the transmitter.
Meshlogic has special circuitry that corrects this.

As the train moves along the tunnel, the signal takes many paths in addition to the direct one. It bounces off the train, bounces off the walls such that the same signal reaches the receiver at the same time. The special senses the phases and filters out the unwanted reflections.


The Problem:

CCTV video surveillance footage is a useful resource to help solve crimes and convict criminals. A key issue for law enforcement agencies is the time and effort to retrieve, view, analyse and report on video footage as evidence. A small investigation can comprise hundreds of hours of video footage that have to be watched and analysed. The manpower resources to review such volumes of video footage is time consuming and costly.The ability of monitoring personnel to hold attention and to react to rarely occurring events is extremely demanding and prone to error, due to lapses in human attention.

The Solution:

Our solution is an advanced approach to video event detection. The software analyses video footage for defined events of interest. The operator determines the events and areas of interest and Meshlogic searches the video for these events ignoring events of no interest and highlighting those of interest on a timeline. The operator is then immediately able to review each event.