The Microwave Perimeter Fence Solution for Critical Environments.

The Amideon MicroSense microwave barrier is the most reliable and safe intrusion detectors used for outdoor perimeter protection to date.

The operation of the microwave barrier is very simple. The MicroSense Module (pictured) develops an electromagnetic beam using high frequency waves that passes from a transmitter to a receiver, creating an invisible but sensitive protection wall around your critical environment.

When the receiver detects a difference of condition within its beam (and hence a possible intrusion), it begins a detailed analysis of the situation that, if considered a real intrusion, will create an alarm signal that can be treated in analogue or digital form. Uniquely our system is truly wireless where the information of intrusion is carried through the fence back to the central database which removes the need for expensive cabling and installation.

The MicroSense product is ideally suited for high security environments, airports, power plants, refineries, etc.

The higher level of sensor technology means a remarkable ease of use and ease of maintenance even remotely. It also cuts out the ‘false alarm’ headache than is common with our competitors.

Our Software interface is 100% ‘ease of use’ and has been developed by an award winning user interface team; meaning very little training is required.

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