Technology Transfer

Specialising in technology transfers for high reliability components for the space and aerospace industry

Technology transfer management is a cornerstone Amideon capability. Working on an international level with research institutes, industrial development centres and private corporations enables us to find the technologies that can make our clients’ products more competitive.

Understanding what the alternative technologies are and the sources of these technologies takes time, dedication and an experienced team. Amideon’s highly skilled pool of technology experts and partners can eliminate the hurdles to speeding your new products to market, by providing you with access to the best and most suitable technologies for your needs.

Transferring a novel technology from one company to another is a multidisciplinary and complex undertaking. Our senior managers and consultants have many years of experience in technical management, project management and change management. We can provide both strategic guidance and detailed plans to allow the best results.

At Amideon, we believe that innovation is the essence of exploiting new frontiers.

Amideon has completed a large range of products, systems and technology transfer sales to a number of countries over the past 20 years. Technologies include; MMIC technology transfer, Microwave design technology transfer, SOC design, Semiconductor test systems and Optronic system technology transfers. Further information on specific projects is available on request.

How We Work

When you work with us we will stimulate your technological and innovation potential that will ultimately map your business future and success.

Amideon takes a holistic and integrated approach to technology transfer projects. We believe that the successful implementation and deployment of a technology solution requires the convergence of technical, organisational and cultural change. Many parallel efforts need to be undertaken to achieve an optimal level of integration, balanced against the competitive needs of the business.

To this effect, Amideon will take ownership of your project, from requirement assessment, solution design and deployment to technology transfer, to ensure that you will benefit from your investment. Our team is customer led. We talk to the end-user and management team to define the company’s business processes and design a personalised and optimised system.

Amideon has more to offer than just technology. Our consultants have many years of real experience in high technology design and development, as well as expertise in R&D infrastructure. In addition, the Amideon team has a solid engineering background in a wide range of applications that are streamlined to meet customer requirements.

We bring our experience in industry, in consulting and in engineering to meet your unique requirements. Our commitment to mutual success assures that the benefits are achieved with minimised risk for you.

Benefits of working with Amideon and our partners

  • We have completed a number of fully compliant, high-reliability, fabrication facilities in accordance with customer specifications.
  • We apply the latest and most stringent design techniques to ensure future proof validation.
  • We have a proven track record for large Turnkey Projects.
  • We provide a total design, manufacture, installation and follow-up training capability.